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Early explorers found the Atlantic cod (Gadus morrhua) so abundant off New England that they named Cape Cod for the fish. Since then, cod remains a cultural symbol for the region, particularly for the fisherman of Cape Cod. The Atlantic cod has acted as a strong economic icon for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as cod fishing provided the early American colony with food, fertilizer, and revenue from trade. In fact, since 1784, the State House has displayed a painted ‘sacred cod’ as a tribute to colonial prosperity. Cod fishing has remained an important part of New England life. While it is believed by some that the decrease in cod populations is a direct result of overfishing, particularly in the later part of the 20th century, it is also widely understood in the local fishing community that the high populations of dogfish as well as federal regulations have resulted in decimated codfish populations.

An isolated image of a cod of greenish hue

Atlantic cod span the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. In the United States, cod can be most found on Georges Bank, which is as close as 95 miles to Cape Cod, and in the western Gulf of Maine.

The coloring of Atlantic cod varies between tones of red and olive to greenish-yellow, and the fish can change color quickly as needed. Cod typically possess darker speckles on parts of their body such as the talk, head, and fins. Cod have a large head, and like catfish, they have a whisker-like organ under their jaw, which is known as a barbel. Cod can live more than 20 years and can weigh up to 77 pounds and grow up to 51 inches. Atlantic Cod prey on a variety of fish and invertebrates.

Jail Break typically uses jigs and bait to catch cod by making long drifts over ocean-floor structure, including rockpiles, wreck, shoals, and reefs. The limit per person is 10 cod.

Cod is delicious served in many ways, including by roasting in a cast-iron pan with carrots, potatoes, and leeks.

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